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Tyrone McKenzieNew England PatriotsProfessional Football Player I have been dealing with Anthony since my senior year in high school. I would always call him for different advice to make sure I am getting the right advice. There are a lot of people out there trying to sell you things. Especially being a professional athlete you need to make sure you put the right things in your body. One slight error or ounce of protein or whatever it may be can make the difference and hurt your chances to playing that year or give you a suspension that year. Anthony has done a great job helping me get the right things that can be an asset to my body and my training. CLICK HERE to Use The Fat Extinction Program and Get Instant Results!

Hugo RiveraBest Selling Fitness Author Click the link below to see what internationally known best selling fitness author and guide to (A New York Times Website) Hugo Rivera has to say about my programs.

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Carmine GiardinaLos Angeles AngelsProfessional Baseball Player Hello, my name is Carmine Giardina and I play pro baseball for the Los Angeles Angeles. Anthony has always been a reliable source for nutrition, workout or anything that I needed regarding my training. There are a lot of people [who don’t know what they’re talking about] out there that you go to for help. Anthony has been a reliable source and has really helped me out the past couple of years with my training and getting me to the point where I am at in my career. I highly recommend Anthony’s 21 day free trial offer as it will definitely help you out and to achieve your fitness goals.

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Marshall McDuffieProfessional Athlete I originally went seeking nutritional advice from Anthony during the most critical time of my career. I was making the transition from the collegiate to the professional level. I needed a plan that would allow me to maintain my speed and quickness and at the same time add on a few pounds.What Iliked most about Anthony’s programs were the simplicity and the originality of them. I feel a lot of people are trying to sell the most unrealistic goals and dreams that ultimately sells. I believe that Anthony’s program is the complete opposite and are exactly what people need not only for their short term goals but also their long term goals. So thank you Anthony for everything and people this is exactly what you need to do it right!

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Shaun YoungUniversity of FloridaCollegiate Tennis Player I played tennis for 3 years here at the University of Florida and when I started working out and I wanted to gain weight and get a lot bigger. So I was able to transition from getting real fit and real cut to putting on a lot of muscle. I wanted to get big quick and fast and of course, picking the right supplements can jump start that kind of move and Anthony gave me the right advice as far as what kind of things I can take and the way I should be working out to gain muscle. All of the things he gave me allowed me to get in top notch shape. Anthony dummy proofs this stuff and it allowed me to get into top notch shape. I definitely trust him as he knows what he is talking about. He has studied the subject for a long time and he is real passionate about it. I have 100% confidence in him when it comes to nutrition, fitness, workout plans and supplements.When I was playing tennis at the University of Florida, I was looking to be in great shape, stay fit and keep my body fat down as low as I possibly could. Anthony always gave me good advice with which supplements I could take and which supplements were going to be legal, which ones would be able to pass NCAA Regulations. The good thing about Anthony is that he is always going to be honest. Even if there is a product out there that is going to be the most popular or the most expensive, Anthony is going to give you the right advice.

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Brandan TeagueUniversity of TampaCollegiate Baseball Player I could remember when I was first starting and I wanted to drop a few pounds to get into pristine condition for collegiate baseball. I would always say that I would start tomorrow or next week. My eating habits had to change, my sleeping habits had to change. In this program Anthony put together for me, it helped me tremendously. It was so easy to follow! The solutions are really made for everyone. It does not involve constantly being in the gym and living around it or following restrictive diets. You know my schedule is crazy enough. My work, my hobbies, my family time and all of that stuff plays in to it.What Anthony’s program has been able to do for me was give me options. This is not strictly made for males or females or someone who is 20 pounds overweight, 40 pounds overweight or even 100 pounds overweight. I challenge you as Anthony challenged me.

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Joe Young, M.D.Powerlifter As a powerlifter, it is not only important to know what exercises to perform and the appropriate technique but also the right nutrients to eat and when the best time to take them is.Anthony has been able to make confusing subjects such as nutrition, dieting and supplements easy to understandI know he will help to guide you to the most simple path possible to getting into shape. Give his program a shot as I am sure it will work. Make the change you have always desired!

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Juan VillagranaPalm Beach AtlanticCollegiate Soccer Player Hi, my name is Juan Villagrana and I am a student athlete at Palm Beach Atlantic. Anthony did not give me any pitch on lifting heavy weights or how to get started in the gym but told me how you need to eat healthy.Nowadays you have so many people trying to sell you a product that is a fake short cut. But at the end of the day the best thing about this product is that it allows you to see differences sooner than ever. Eating healthy, eating right and exercising will allow you to see the differences. I encourage you to try his product and give it an opportunity because it sells itself.

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Lexy T.New York City, NY Just wanted to thank you for creating such a great system. I must say, I was a bit skeptical about trying fat extinction because of all the scams going around the internet. You made my decision easy with your 60 day money back guarantee. After I tried it for a week, I noticed results which was awesome.


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